Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about J-Store Online.




Why should I shop with you?


  • Fast delivery times for products we have in stock
  • Pre-order express directly from Korea
  • Customer service with good accessibility and short response times
  • Pre-order posters are always sent rolled
  • Official items only
  • Regular 5 star reviews at Trusted Shops


If the goods are available, we will process your order within a few working days after receipt of payment.

K-POP new releases are delivered expressly from South Korea to Hamburg. This way you will be the first to hold your pre-order products in your hands.

We always send pre-order posters rolled and specially packed in bubble wrap - for safe transport to your home.

With us you will only find original goods, as our dealers are officially licensed or are the manufacturers themselves. The majority of our items come directly from South Korea and Japan.

We are constantly growing and want to get even better for you, because our customers are important to us. Do you have suggestions, praise or criticism? Then please send us a message

Check out Trusted Shops Stop by and convince yourself of over 1,500 positive reviews from our customers.


Are purchases counted in the Hanteo and GAON charts?

Yes, our dealers in Korea are listed for the charts. By ordering from us, you support your favorite group or your favorite solo artists.




Are your K-Pop products originally from South Korea?

Yes, we only sell official goods in our online store .


My desired product is sold out. What can I do?

We keep ordering different albums. This means we have short periods when products are sold out.

It's best to enter your email address for the missing product and you will automatically receive a message as soon as it is available again. Many albums or versions are very popular and sell out quickly, so hurry up to order before you miss your chance.

Some products will not be produced in Korea for a long time. This often affects merchandise, such as lightsticks or certain albums. We cannot guarantee whether and when we will receive the items again.


Can I have products reserved?

No, unfortunately this is not possible in the J-Store Online.


Can I request products from you that you don't have in the J-Store Online?

Sure, sometimes it works. Just write us an email and we'll see what we can do.


Can I exchange or return my Weverse Album / Platform Album?

No, Weverse albums and Platform albums cannot be exchanged or returned.




What is special about a K-Pop pre-order?

We offer pre-orders for announced products that have not yet been released in Korea. Pre-orders usually come with an extra pre-order gift in the form of a photo card or poster.


There was no pre-order gift with my product. Why?

Not all products have an extra pre-order gift. Please read the item description to see if something has been announced for your pre-order. For many products, the benefits are only available for the first edition or only while stocks last.


My J-Store order has not yet been shipped.

Does your order contain a pre-order? Then it may be that it has not yet been published or that it is currently on its way to us.

We can only ship orders with a pre-order once all of the goods have arrived in Hamburg. Please check the product descriptions or look under current news after.

Orders with a pre-order and available products are shipped together.


I have ordered items that are still available for a pre-order order. Can I receive the other items sooner?

We will only ship the order when all items are available. To avoid such situations, we recommend always ordering a pre-order separately from available items.


Something is missing from my album/product. What now?

Unfortunately, we have no influence on the contents of the products and can only check their completeness to the extent that the protective packaging allows.

Photocards and stickers are usually hidden between the pages of the photobooks that we cannot see. Look there directly. If something is still missing, we assume there is a production error in Korea.

Please provide us with an unboxing video by opening the album seal and unpacking the contents. If it is clear that something is missing, please write to us. We'll definitely find a common solution.

We do not send missing parts of the albums/photobooks as individual parts are often not in stock. Please note: As soon as you remove the protective film, your right of withdrawal expires and we will not exchange the product. You can find detailed information about this in our General Terms and Conditions .


I received different items than what I ordered.

We pack all orders by hand and do our best to process everything correctly. But unfortunately we cannot completely rule out errors.

Please remove the protective film not and contact us immediately by email ( Tell us your order number in the email and add a picture of the incorrect delivery.




Which parcel service do you use to deliver?

We ship all packages with DHL.


Do you also ship to a packing station?

Yes we'll do that. Please include your postal number and packing station in the delivery address.


My order says that it has been picked up. What does that mean?

DHL has picked up your package from us and it is now on its way to you.




Is it possible to pick up an order from you at the J-Store Hamburg (Click & Collect)?

Yes! Simply select Local pickup at the J-Store Hamburg as the shipping method.


When can I pick up my order?

As soon as you receive the pickup confirmation by email. This is the only way we can guarantee that your order is prepared and you don't have to wait unnecessarily. The pickup confirmation is not the order confirmation! If you are unsure, please call us or write an email.


From when to when can I collect my order?

During normal opening hours Monday to Saturday from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Can I pick up my order at the J-Store Berlin?

This is possible, but will take at least 1 to 2 weeks longer as we send several orders to Berlin together. It's quicker if you have the products delivered directly to your home.




Can I pay for my J-Store online order in cash?

No, we do not offer this option. You are welcome to pay for all products in stock in the J-Store Hamburg (store) in cash. We are looking forward to your visit.


What do I have to do if I pay in advance ?

Please transfer the purchase amount to us using the order number as the intended purpose (e.g. JSO-12345). You can find the account details in the order confirmation at the bottom.

We can only process your order once we have received the money. Excluded are pre-orders, which are only sent after payment and availability.


How many days do I have for the transfer (advance payment)?

We automatically cancel unpaid orders after 7 business days.


I paid in advance. How can I see whether you have received the payment?

You can view this in your J-Store customer account. Simply log in here: Login or register directly here .


Do you offer installment payments?

No, installment payments are not possible with us.


How can I pay?

We accept: advance payment (bank transfer), PayPal and credit card.


When is payment due for a pre-order?

You always pay directly when you order.



Why should I sign up for your GACHA PROGRAM?

Redeem your collected GACHA POINTS for attractive rewards and save on your next purchases.


How does your GACHA PROGRAM work?

For every euro you spend with us, you get one GACHA POINT. With 130 GACHA POINTS you can secure our first reward. Simply log in to your customer account, shop with us and you will receive your GACHA POINTS credited 30 days after we have processed your order.


Unfortunately, we have to exclude articles with fixed book prices; this is required by law. These include German-language manga, books (including German art books) and magazines. You will also not receive GACHA POINTS for vouchers and shipping costs.


How do I register for your GACHA PROGRAM?

Simply register in our online shop and you can get started straight away. Join Now


For which products do I not receive GACHA POINTS?

Unfortunately, we have to exclude articles with fixed book prices; this is required by law. These include German-language manga, books (including German art books) and magazines. You will also not receive GACHA POINTS for vouchers and shipping costs.


How do I collect GACHA POINTS?

It is important that you log in before purchasing. You will receive GACHA POINTS for every item you purchase - excluding products that are excluded from the GACHA PROGRAM. Under the Rewards section you will also find small promotions with which you can collect your first points without spending any money. There is no waiting time either 😉 You will receive the GACHA POINTS for your birthday on that date.


Where can I collect GACHA POINTS?

In the online shop and in our Hamburg stores (J-Store Hamburg and Seoulstation Hamburg).


The Seoulstation Tanz, the photocard online shop and the Berlin stores (J-Store Berlin, SeoulStation Berlin and the online shop do not participate in our GACHA PROGRAM. You cannot collect GACHA POINTS at our exhibition stands either.


When are GACHA POINTS credited?

30 days after your order has been processed by us. This means that if you buy in our stores, the 30-day period starts immediately and for online orders after you have received a shipping confirmation.


When will my GACHA POINTS be canceled?

If you return items, we will cancel the GACHA POINTS received for them.


How long are my GACHA POINTS valid for?

You can redeem your GACHA POINTS within one year. We will notify you by email in good time before your GACHA POINTS expire.



No, unfortunately that will not work. Please always make sure that you are logged in to your customer account or that your purchase is assigned to your customer account at the checkout.


Where can I find my points balance?

Log in to your customer account and click on “Rewards”. There you will see your current GACHA POINTS.


How can I redeem my GACHA POINTS?

Log in to your customer account, click on “Rewards” and choose your reward. The coupons are valid for 1 year and you must total a minimum order value of 10 EUR. An example: You use our coupon worth 10 EUR, then your purchase value must be 20 EUR. Shipping costs are not included here. There are no shipping costs for orders over EUR 55.


Coupons you get for referring a friend are only valid for 30 days. The minimum order value also applies here.


How can I refer friends?

Log in to your customer account. Under “Rewards” you will find a referral link to send to your friends.

Please note that the voucher can only be redeemed on

Your question wasn't there? Then just write us an email to