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Japan is often seen as a country where the modern world and ancient traditions collide in surprising and fascinating ways. The rapid technological, social and cultural changes of the 20th century brought the country far forward, but also led to countless institutions, industrial sectors and entire cities falling into disrepair. Jordy Meow explores these abandoned places through his photographs, shedding light on a lost world that thrived only a few decades ago.

The book Abandoned Japan documents famous ruins (Japanese: haikyo), such as the Disneyland-inspired Nara Dreamland theme park or Gunkanjima, the island from the James Bond film Skyfall, which was once inhabited by over 5,000 people but is now completely abandoned . Beyond the well-known sights, Jordy Meow takes us on a journey through all aspects of Japan's rapidly disappearing past: He shows us abandoned places ranging from schools and hospitals to industrial plants to the Japanese nightlife with its strip clubs and love hotels. The ruins presented in this book appear partly idyllic and serene, partly dark and nightmarish. Some have an atmosphere reminiscent of Studio Ghibli's animated films, while others have an almost apocalyptic feel. These places show that humans can have a lasting impact on their environment, but that nature claws its way back as soon as it gets the chance.

Source: Jonglez Verlag

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