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Deleter - white ink (various)

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Deleter - white ink (various)

Deleter's ink is characterized by its particularly high quality.
Each ink has special properties that we have listed for you:

White 1: is characterized by its special quality.

  • recommended for beginners
  • more fluid than Deleter Ink White 2 (this allows for fine step-by-step corrections)
  • can be diluted with water
  • water soluble

White 2: the slightly thicker version of Deleter. It is also often applied with a brush instead of a pen.

  • not recommended for beginners
  • thicker than Delter Tusche Weiß 2 (requires more practice)
  • very opaque, also covers deep black areas/surfaces
  • can be diluted with water
  • waterproof after drying
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