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Introduction to Hanja (Buske Verlag)

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Hanja [haːnʦ͈a] refers to the Chinese characters used in the Korean language. They are an important part of Korean and are therefore important for anyone who wants to learn the Korean language.

Target group:
Students of Korean and Asian Studies as well as learners with previous knowledge of Korean who want to learn Chinese characters (Hanja) and expand their vocabulary.

Learning goals:
Insight into the history and structure of Chinese characters in Korean; Writing and reading skills of 225 characters; Sino-Korean vocabulary knowledge; the ability to work scientifically with Chinese characters.

Hanja help with the development of more than 60 percent of the Korean vocabulary. Therefore, the focus is on dealing with the characters independently. The first part serves to provide a rough historical overview and to introduce the structure, writing and reading of the Hanja. The second part consists of 15 thematically organized lessons on geography, everyday life, economics, history, etc., each with 15 common characters. In addition to the lexical information, several word examples are given for each character, which the learner can already read and write completely. With the exercises in the third part, the content of all lessons is processed and repeated. At the same time, the exercises prepare the learner to deal with unknown characters and make texts in the mixed writing system accessible to them. An answer key in the appendix makes self-study easier.

Source: Buske Verlag

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