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Kimchi Princess

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In Korea, says Young-Mi, everything has something to do with food. And if, like Young-Mi, you don't live in Korea but in Germany?

Then you can indulge your Korean food cravings here. By e.g. B. realized a hip restaurant concept: In 2009, the Kimchi Princess opened its doors in Berlin. Young-Mi and her team serve the best Korean cuisine in a cool atmosphere. Even George Clooney was there.

But what should every Korean meal be without? Kimchi of course, fermented Chinese cabbage and – if you will – the universal spice of Korea. No wonder it appears in the name of the restaurant. And what's the deal with the Princess? Because Young-Mi often delighted friends and acquaintances with her kimchi, she quickly got rid of her nickname: The Kimchi Princess was born.

And if you can't make it to Berlin, you can now get the book: with the best recipes from Korean cuisine and exciting insights into the restaurant and its cooking, er kimchi pots.

Author: Young-Mi Park-Snowden

Hardcover with 240 pages

Source: GU Verlag

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