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Mochi - Japanese confectionery

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Sweet Japan

Mochi are one of the most well-known Japanese sweets and are often incorrectly translated as “rice cakes,” even though they are not baked. They owe their soft consistency to the gluten-free mashed glutinous rice or glutinous rice flour from which they are made.

Mathilda Motte, who got to know and love this very special confection during a stay in Japan, shows how authentic mochi, dango, daifuku or nerikiri can be made in no time . In addition to the original ingredients, she also provides European alternatives that deceive even the most experienced eyes and palates. Her detailed drawings of the basic steps make it easier to make the sweet delicacies.

Unlike in the West, the confection from Japan is not served as a dessert but as a snack. There are even very special mochi on special occasions, such as New Year or the cherry blossom festival , and they also traditionally play an important role in the Japanese tea ceremony.

The basic shape of mochi is simple balls or cubes that are flavored, filled, lovingly shaped and decorated. Dango are ball-shaped mochi served on skewers of three or four pieces and sometimes drizzled with syrup. Daifuku are filled mochi that consist of a soft outer layer and a creamy filling, the Japanese version of macarons. Nerikiri are particularly fine and delicate and lovingly shaped into flowers, oranges, quinces or chestnuts depending on their ingredients.


Source: Hädecke

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